Christina Manning
READ MY REVIEWS- "PREDICTION PASSED!" "ACCURATE WITH TIMELINES" I come from a family line of intuitive psychics. My Mother, Dr. Astoria and my identical twin sister, Raven Star are amazing psychics also that proves it truly is in your D.N.A. I am a psychic empath and my readings will be honest and accurate. I will pick up how he or she is feeling but also point you in the right direction.

My readings are very detailed too… I will share with you everything that I am picking up clear down to the smells, nature scenery, touch, taste, ect. When I give a reading, my entire energy core will become a conduit of energy. With just a name and location, I can tune into your energy and those of who you are asking about, and read your life charts. There are three things in life: 1. Things that are destined and can not be changed, 2. Things that we can direct and change with choice and 3. Things that we create or manifest into our lives.

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