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 I  can help guide you and my job is to advise you to live your highest potential.I will advise on matters of the heart but the can change based on your thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

Raven Star

I can tap into your energy and feel what is going on. I am very good at picking up on what he or she is thinking. I am very accurate with the timelines that are coming into your life.
40+ Years Professional Experience I have my Doctorate in Metaphysical Science,Philosophy/Ancient Religions, Life Counseling, Reiki Master, Tarot, Radio Personality, Paranormal Researcher, Teacher of Metaphysical Sci, Personal Psychic/Mentor to numerous clients in Government and also the Entertainment/Movie Industry

Milestone Advisor

I have been giving advice for over ten years. I give a direct and honest approach to your most unanswered questions. I am here to bring forth non-judgment and truth to help guide you on your right path. Empatic and guided readings are my specialty, there isn't a question I cant help you with. Lets connect!

Our Advisors


Katherine has a BA in Psychology from the University of Memphis and is a Reiki Master. She has worked with the Enchanted Tarot deck for over 20 years doing daily intuitive readings for herself and close friends. As Katherine has worked to manifest her true self, she has come to realize that these cards hold a strong position for her. A life long empath, she truly looks forward to helping you realize your higher self and find understanding and wisdom for your journey ahead.

Mira Stone

In life not all things are clear but in the here and now I can bring it all into focus with my deep sensitivity to energy as a young girl I knew I was meant to help others with my gifts .. I draw from guidance in crystals, stones, tarot and your energy vibrations you send me.  Let me be the light that shines on your life path and guide you into abundance

Angel Intuitive Coach Kelly

EMPATHIC Clairaudient STARSEED! GET CONNECTED With Your Soul, Star, and Spirit Families. Build Solid Relationships in Business, Personal, Spiritual and Social Situations! Use IET Energy Therapy and Angel Therapy to LIFT PSYCHIC ATTACK! Attract the life of your dreams! Heal Events Imprinted on your Energy field causing Dis-ease

Laura Cross

HONEST FEEDBACK ABOUT LIFES HARDEST QUESTIONS. I have been spending over 40+ years helping people to overcome challenges in thier life. I do feel that my intuition and abilty to read energy is what puts people on the correct path. We are also quided to a specific place at a specific time... so welcome.

Galena Moonstone

I am a tarot card reader who resides on the East Coast. In the past, I used to own and run a Tarot Shop in my area for many years. I have also worked on other web-based lines in the past. My readings are very compassionate and I take pride in that I am a true reader. I am full of many details. When I lay out the cards they give me details, empathy energy, and timeframes. 

Sarah Tamora

I see visions and know things about everyone I speak with. Since a young girl, I was able to see spirits who have deceased and speak with my guides. Ever since 17, I have worked with an organization where I offered intutive readings non-profit. Dream interpretation.

John Christopher

Throughout ancient history- tarot cards have been used to make accurate predictions about past, present, and future, A reading with me will help you to get a better understanding of the best path to take. Is he lying to you? Will you hear from him again? When will things shift for the better? Those are all questions that I have the anwsers too. Love and Blessed be.

Psychic Joyleene

CLARIVOYANT. ENERGY QUESTS. LIFE PATH READER. Life quest observer with over 10+ years of experience. Welcome to my page and I hope to help you. I dont need any information, just names and dates of birth. From there, I will help you to see how he/she is feeling, thinking, and the next steps to your love life. Let me show you the right path

Advisor Alyssa

Our life is meant to have challenges and obstacles but how we react to them is what is important. Lovers reunite, Tarot and Angel cards. Let me use the tools in combination with my gifts to help you choose the right path. Many years of my life have been dedicated to helping others, such as yourself. I can use Tarot, oracle, astrology, and runes to help guide you. Tools per request only. Come prepared with a list of questions- as when I connect, energy flows fast from me. Please write it all down.

Advisor Ginger

NATURAL EMPATH OVER 10 YEARS + EXP. I can sense the soul connections in your life to tell you the path you are meant to be on. I have been a successful psychic for many years on many other lines with thousands of positive testimonials. I do feel that this is my life's work to service others who are in need of truth, guidance, compassion, and understanding. My readings are warm & welcoming. If I am not available please put in a callback or chatback request. Love & Light.

Advisor Prieto

3rd Generation intuitive advisor with years of experience. I hope to guide you on the right path so that you are feeling encouraged to continue on your journey. I am very empathic and great at reading energy about the people, objects, and things around you. I am a lightworker so please be prepared to do prayer and I always encourage positive affirmations. With my style of readings, are you guaranteed to leave our conversation feeling light, open, and more clear.

Astrologer Jenn

Experienced Psychic Advisor, Tarot Card Reader, and Astrologer. Have an issue that requires spiritual insight? Let me help you. Using my refined, I can tap into your energy and help you decipher the solutions to any problem, big or small. Don't be plagued by doubt, or let uncertainty weight heavy on your mind any longer. Consult me and I will provide accurate insight into your life through spirit in order to help guide you along the right path.

Psychic Caleb

I offer psychic guidance from your higherself, and a clear view through the veil of interpersonal relationships.Your friends, family, lovers, children, and all others are connected to you and I through a web of being, a higher intelligence, or a collective
unconscious. Here happiness and an infinite intelligence welcomes you home.

Advisor Cassidy

My natural born gift has given me the ablity to assist others for over 10 years. I will provide the answers you seek  by using my enhanced senses. Life is meant to be guided and that is where my gift is here. I will help you to understand the deeper meaning into why people say or act how they do... How your life is meant to go... and what he/she is feeling and thinking.

Christopher Sean

There are machinations in our universe that are so subtle as to nearly be invisible. Things that are truly unknowable. The I Ching tells us that divination of the hidden can be found in anything, from the way the wind ripples a body of water, to the organization of vowels and consonants in our name; they're just written in a language most of us can't read. These winds pass through humanmsouls on a constant basis; every single exchange you have with someoneis merely an exchange of this subtle and unknowable cosmic energy.

Cloud 9.5

 20 + YEARS OF READING SPIRIT MESSAGES. As a clear channel with an open mind, people of all walks of life have sought my guidance for decades. I have lived as an entrepreneur helping others exceed in their relationships, self-improvement, and business goals. My life has been called to spend more time providing healing insight to others. My intuitive abilities have saved my life on numerous occasions since childhood. I look forward to helping you on your journey this lifetime.

Crystal Divine

I was always born with this gift of knowing. Where I would just know everything and be dead on! I can tell you what is going to happen in your future as well as what is going on now. I connect to energy and feel vibrations. If you have any questions about love, career, life, family. You name it! We will talk about it and get you the anwsers you need. I want to share my gift to you all. Its already helped so many others, I hope i can guide you in the right direction too!

Dara Fellerman

I can assist in all areas such as love, career, and finance. I will show you parts of yourself or the areas in your life that need s hifting to help you manifest those changes in your life that you wish to see. During the reading I will use tarot or oracle cards and I will also pick out crystals that I feel you might need to help you with your specific situation. I will only tell you messages from your highest good that you will benefit from hearing. .

Dark Aqua

I am an intuitive tarot reader alongside my sister. I use my intuitive abilities alongside tarot cards to answer your questions, to see your future better, to help you achieve your goal and dreams. For over 10 years I have been giving readings to private clients. I feel now is the time for me to join Contact Psychic group and share my gift with others.

Goddess Erika

My readings are accurate, honest, and they are meant to empower you. I am an intuitive counselor and my job is to advise you based on the information that is shown to me through my gifts. I will advise on timeframes but the can change based on your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Spirit does not view time in the same manner as we do. I will give you the truth as only the truth is in your highest good.

Jelani Power

Well HELLO!!! I'm a very nice person with the love of others. I am here to set you free from the things you just NEED to know about. My expertise is well over 15 years. It is a gift that I was born with. I am able to connect with your loved ones who have passed. I will give you what you deserve, the TRUTH! I am able to guide you to true love and happiness. Don't be clueless with the doubts. Call me and let's get to the bottom of it! if there is anything that is bothering you and you need answers, I will set you free. 

Advisor Lava

I specialize in helping unique, amazing people find the anwsers they need. I look forward in guiding you through the life path you are on. When working with me, i will continue to receive energy regarding our conversation and the questions you present me with. Even after our reading is over, I may get more visions and predictions in my dreams.  Let me use my gifts by blending in energy work and tarot.  Peace & Harmony.

Lightworker Kim

LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS - CAREER - DREAMS - LONG TERM VISIONS - PREDICTIONS PASS!!! I specialize in love and relationship readings. I know relationships can be confusing and I am here to help you. I tune into the other person to give you an inside look into his mind. What is he thinking? What wll happen next? Is he the one for me? I know all those anwsers and will give them to you. I look forward to speaking with you!


There is not an issue too small I cant help you with. I am an intutive as well as a medium. I will tell you what is going on in all ascpects of your life. I will not fluff things up to make you feel good. But tell you what the Universe wants you to know. Let me give you a reading today. Learning from my guides to assist you and get details on your energy life path!

Reader Ruby

TAROT READER- ACCURATE TIMELINES AND DETAILS BY USING THE TAROT. FAST TYPER! Spiritual and psychic insight on everything from relationships, career, money, and travel. A reading with me will cover all aspects of your situation, including details on your past, present, and future. The tarot cards are very detailed, and accurate. I will offer honest and real answers, so please be prepared for the truth with compassion always.


TAROT CARD MASTER- 5 STAR READINGS WITH MASTER DECK. 30+ YRS. EXP. Over thirty years of experience with a tarot deck that I have been using for over 30 years. I always say that the cards never lie- they will be detailed, honest, and accurate. My tarot readings can also determine timeframes and energy on the factors that affect your life around you.

Water Lily

Open/Honest Feedback by using my ability to read energy on the otherside. I am a pet medium psychic and I will connect to your deceased pets on the otherside. Our pets are just like our family and they do passover and go to Heaven. If you need some guidance on pet loss recovery and how to move forward after the loss of a pet, please let me know. I am here to help!